Delicious NapaStyle

NapaStyle Proscuitto Jerky

Prosciutto jerky, seasoned with NapaStyle`s own signature spices, and carefully low-heat dried to perfection.

NapaStyle Almonds - Spanish Almonds and Spiced Almonds

NapaStyle Almonds – Set of two: Spanish Almonds and Spiced Almonds.

Price: $49.00

The Marcona spanish almonds are bigger and sweeter than other almonds and the canadian ones are sweet, spicy candied ones, made by an old Chinese technique that coats each nut with layers of flavor: the finest almonds are selected, diped in water, in sugar, and then in cinnamon, cayenne, and black pepper.

Aromatico Nine-Spice Box

Aromatico Nine-Spice Box

Inspired by vintage spice drawers, which in turn were inspired by old library file cabinets, these acacia wood drawers organize the favorite herbs and spices on the countertop or mounted on the wall. The traditional slotted front allows to label each drawer with its contents. Metal hook pulls and frames, with labels included. Food-safe. 

You can buy it with or without spices. The spices you can choose from include: Herbes de Napa, Citrus Pepper Blend, Citrus Rosemary, Sundried Tomato Garlic, Roasted Garlic, Gray Salt, Fennel Spice Rub, Toasted Spice Rub and Roasted Garlic Rub.

Vertical Hold Rack

Vertical Hold Rack
Nickel-plated brass with graduated four-slots design, and a rooster on top for easy carrying.
Price: $38.00

The sandwiches doesnt come with it though:(


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