Bathroom and Kitchen couture

Herbeau is a luxurious line of faucets, sinks, tubs and toilets that features the latest in plumbing innovations along with an indefinable je ne sais quoi. You can browse through the whole collection here.

Herbeau Vignette

Bath Towel Rack

“Charleston” 24″ Bath Towel Rack
Price: $821.00

Cast Iron Marie Louise Bathtub & Cast Iron Feet

Cast Iron “Marie Louise” Bathtub & Cast Iron Feet
Price: $6,609.00

Medicis Copper Bathtub

“Medicis” Copper Bathtub
Integrated waste and overflow with plug & chain.
Satin nickel plated interior.
Hammered weathered copper exterior with brass band detail.

Toilet Jug

Toilet Jug
Price: $463.00

Herbeau Grid Strainer

Grid Strainer
Royale Wall Mounted Showerhead

“Royale” Wall Mounted Showerhead, Arm & Flange
Price: $530.00


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