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Rebecca Minkoff`s Date Clutch

June 30, 2007

Rebecca clutch royal blue

A versatile clutch that you can fold over or wear big. It is available for $255.00 in 5 colours: black, cognac, royal blue, seafoam gren and sky blue.


Unique swedish sneakers

June 30, 2007

Tretorn Tournament sneakers egg-white 

Tretorn`s Tournament Paninari Canvas for women. 

Egg-Nogg, 80,00 €.                

This shoe is one of the most popular models made in a beautiful tumbled and oiled leather that’s suitable for all-seasons.  

Tretorn Tournament sneakers dark denim

Tretorn`s Tournament Paninari Canvas for men. 

Dark Denim, 85,00 €.     

These shoes are named after a youth trend that raged in Italy during the 1980s at a fast food restaurant called Al Panino (in English :sandwiches).
The followers of Paninari lived in Milan, ate hamburgers, rode motorbikes, went often to the beach and were obsessions with fashion, usually wearing Timberland boots and colorful down jackets that epitomized the fad and simply lived “the good life.”
The Tournament Paninari collection recalls this trend and carries it forward celebrating outdoor fun, mild weather and energy.

Pretty knitted bag

June 30, 2007

craft handbag.vintage

I found this pretty knitted bag on a german website so there is not much i can say about it.
The colours match prefectly.

Copenhagen classic umbrella

June 22, 2007

copenhagen umbrella
The danish design aesthetic – simple lines, elegant forms, clear use of color. You can buy one of these for $95.00.

Mary Blair`s art

June 22, 2007

Mary Blair is a famous Disney Legend who worked on many classics like Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella or Peter Pan.Her work as a graphic designer and illustrator outside of her association with Disney is not widly known. I posted some of them here for her unique touch on colours.

The cool of vintage by Luisa Clare

June 22, 2007

lisa clare.retro bag redlisa clare.retro bag red

Price: $499 AUD

 lisa clare.retro bag.white

Price: $299 AUD

lisa clare.retro bag brown
Feminine, sophisticated chic handbags, individually handcrafted. You can buy them direct from the website at

Cheeky brush

June 22, 2007

cross brush.citizen citizen.home and design 

It is made out of ash wood and natural fibres. It can be seen either as iconoclasm or as a message that cleanliness is next to godliness.

You can purchase it at citizen:citizen`s online store for $128.

Pucci boots for the sunny or the rainy days

June 22, 2007


Price: $153.95

The history of taste in a single object

June 22, 2007

Each one of these forks was once the height of taste.

Cute little things

June 22, 2007


They all cost around $10, some less, some a little more. Here is the link you can find them.