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July 11, 2007

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Joke Schole

July 9, 2007

Joke Schole animalfarm

Joke Schole  heart with elephants

Rachel Jayne Rogers

July 9, 2007

Rachel Jayne Rogers Tile main flower teapot

Hand built-design flower teapot

Rachel Jayne Rogers  Tile main knit bowl

Slipcast-knitted bowl

Rachel Jayne Rogers  Tile main tall vase

Hand built-design tall vase

Eugenia Kim

July 9, 2007

Eugenia Kim Craig Black Panama Mini Fedora

Craig Black Panama Mini Fedora


Eugenia Kim Carla White & Camel Stripe Pleated Engineer Cap

Carla White & Camel Stripe Pleated Engineer Cap

Price: $159.00

Eugenia Kim Muffy Black & White Equestrian Stripe Cap

Muffy Black & White Equestrian Stripe Cap

Price: $147.00

Ephtée Shoes Storage Cabinet

July 9, 2007

Ephtee Shoes Cabinet

Ephtee Malle Shoes cabinet 22 paires

Ephtee Male Shoes Cabinet 22 paires

Paul Smith

July 9, 2007

Paul Smith Yunnan Braid Slide-Dark Brown

Paul Smith Yunnan Braid Slide-Dark Brown

Paul Smith Paisley Swirl Umbrella

Paul Smith Paisley Swirl Umbrella
Price: $178.00

Paul Smith Polka Dot Socks A

Paul Smith Polka Dot Socks A
Price: $30.00

Paul Smith Sockettes

Paul Smith Sockettes E
Price: $30.00

Paul Smith Deep Poppy Shoe

Paul Smith Deep Poppy Shoe
Price: $238.00

What you can trap in a snow globe

July 9, 2007

traveler 191

Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz

Traveler 191, 2006 Price: $750.00

Cold front

Cold Front, 2004

Between too much and me

Traveler 87 at Night

(Between Too Much and Me), 2004

traveler 17

Traveler 170 at Night, 2005


Traveler XXIII, 2002

You can see all their works on here.

Marc Jacobs

July 9, 2007

Marc Jacob flats

Price: €189,00

Mel Kadel artwork

July 9, 2007

paranoia is good

Paranoia is good

What You See From a Tree 2006

What you see from a tree

playing mom

Playing mom

Night time girl

Night time girl

see saw

See saw

see saw

Youth is a rip-off

 She became misguided

She became misguided

Browse through all her drowing here.

Telefunken radios

July 9, 2007

Telefunken The`50sTELEFUNKEN 1958, Spain

Telefunken 1958, Spain

Telefunken Jubilate de Luxe

Telefunken “Jubilate de Luxe” 1963

Telefunken Caprice

Telefunken Caprice8 1957